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I have to tell you I’m having soooo much fun and learning all sorts of amazing new things with Skillshare. Why? I’m so glad you asked!

What is Skillshare?

Skillshare is an online learning platform that offers more than 15,000 online classes in design, business, photography, productivity, and tons of other areas. There are over 2-million students and thousands of teachers from more than 100 countries who are learning and teaching everything from how to doodle, to how to rock your Pinterest account, to travel photography.

There are hundreds of free classes to choose from, or you can click here and sign up for a FREE month of Premium classes. Take as many classes as you want to while you decide for yourself if the low monthly fee is worth all that knowledge you’re going to gain. (Hint: it totally is!)

Choosing Classes

Once you sign up for your free trial–you will have to provide a credit card number, but don’t sweat it, no charges will occur until after your trial period–you’ll be able to search, choose, and watch classes and tutorials until your heart’s content.

Want to learn to macrame a wall hanging? Try this class.

Have you been dying to learn how to watercolor? This one is the perfect beginner class.

How about making your own pasta? Here ya go!

They even have a mobile app so you can learn on the go! You can find it here for iPhone.

My Classes

Here are the first classes I’ve tried.

I loved this doodle class! For some silly reason, a blank page is way scarier than monsters under the bed! But, after completing this course, I’m no longer afraid to put pen to paper and doodle my little heart out. This class taught me to overcome the blank page syndrome, and that I needed to keep going until my page was full of doodles. You can try it here!

Next up was this beginner weaving class.

Turns out you don’t need a fancy, schmancy, expensive loom to make lovely woven tapestries! You CAN make do with picture frames, or canvas frames, or even cardboard. Easy peasy and so very much fun! You can try it for yourself here.

I’ll be taking Skillshare classes regularly and letting you know about the ones I had the most fun with! What’s your first class going to be? Tell me in the comments;-)

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Happy Crafting!



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